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Fast Day

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What is Fast Day, and how does it work?

Fast Day is the major fund-raising campaign of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen. The Campaign first began in 1989 with the concept that those wanting to help our area’s homeless should Fast for one meal and donate whatever they would have spent on that meal to the Chattanooga Community Kitchen. Since then, the scope of Fast Day has grown to become an opportunity for churches, individuals, and businesses to donate whatever they can afford to the ministry and mission of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen. Donating to the Community Kitchen makes you a partner in our mission of lessening poverty and despair and restoring dignity and self-reliance among the homeless and needy men, women and children of the Chattanooga area.

When is Fast Day?

This year it is Oct 1 – December 31. Originally, Fast Day was the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Then, it developed to incorporate the entire week before Thanksgiving. Now, we have supporters that participate throughout the year, though the actual campaign is still focused around Thanksgiving. Fast Day isn’t so much about when as it is about getting involved.

How can you participate?

Everyone can participate in the Fast Day campaign. Naturally, the simplest way to participate is to make a donation but you can also encourage coworkers and church members to donate, pass out envelopes and fliers with church programs or payroll at your workplace, or simply place a display and a poster in your lobby. Individuals can involve friends, educate others and bring information about participation back to their workplaces, churches, and organizations. Remember, spreading the word however you can is an important part of participation.

Why Fast Day?

Although donations are always welcome, we rely on Fast Day participation to generate the bulk of our operating budget. By participating in the Fast Day Campaign, you can help us make a difference as we work to satisfy the physical and spiritual hunger of those we serve. Your support makes our work possible. For some homeless men, women and children, your donation is one they cannot live without.

Where do I start?

Individually, the best place to start is by making a donation. To get your church, business and friends involved, please call our business office at (423) 756-4222 to request materials. We’ll be glad to deliver the items and provide more information.