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The Community Kitchen does have paid staff to maintain our services. However, we could not operate, let alone be successful, without extensive volunteer support. Groups and individual volunteers are needed year-round. If you or your group would like to volunteer, please look below, consider your interests and skills, call us and ask to speak to our volunteer coordinator: (423) 756-4222; you can also Send Us An E-Mail.

Case Management

Most of the people we serve have underlying issues that need to be addressed. Case Managers work to identify these issues and assist clients in establishing a game plan for success; this kind of support is one of the critical factors in overcoming the condition of homelessness. Outreach:  Outreach is conducted in partnership with the Homeless Health Care Clinic to provide care to our homeless camps around the city. Permanent Supportive Housin ...keep reading


The Consider the Lilies Thrift Store and Give-away Program offers free clothing and household goods to people in need.  The program originally began as a clothing distribution program, but grew to incorporate a thrift store in 2000 when we realized that by selling items, we could provide jobs for homeless and formerly homeless individuals.  Whether you are in need and receiving give-away or a paying customer, you still shop from the same racks. ...keep reading

Day Center

Many homeless men, women and children carry everything they own with them wherever they go.  They often are on foot, and usually have nowhere to sit and rest for a moment, to escape from severe weather, or to meet with a case manager and begin the process of rebuilding their lives. In the Community Kitchen’s Day Center, clients can access basic, essential services like bathrooms and showers, telephones, mail, washers and dryers, and more.  T ...keep reading


Our food services department offers three nutritious meals to anyone in need every day of the year.  This program is the foundation of all of the services at the Community Kitchen.  By providing physical nourishment, we can often engage people in self sufficiency programs and begin the process of healing the spirit.  We serve more than 180,000 meals each year. Meals are served on-site at no cost to the consumer seven days a week: • Breakfa ...keep reading

Health Care

Statistically, the homeless population is subject to more frequent incidence of illness and disease, as well as longer recovery times, than the non-homeless population.  Even more, health conditions can often lead to homelessness – loss of jobs, lack of insurance, inability to recover in a safe environment; the list goes on and on.  Accessible comprehensive health care is a critical need for those working to escape homelessness. Primary Care ...keep reading


In the early 1990's, garbage from the Community Kitchen’s feeding program began reaching an all time high.  We were sending dozens of bags of garbage to the landfill each day.  Often, the bags were filled with cardboard, tin, and other recyclable materials.  In an effort to divert waste from the landfill and further our mission of serving the homeless, the “recycle lives” program was born. At first, we hired part-time folks from our job ...keep reading

Shelter & Housing

The solution to homelessness seems simple – provide housing.  Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to be housed.  Instead, many need shelter while they deal with the issues that caused the situation of homelessness in the first place.  Others need a safe space to stay while they transition to independence.  Almost all need supportive services as they learn to make it on their own.  In order to ensure the greatest success in permanent housi ...keep reading