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Day Center

Many homeless men, women and children carry everything they own with them wherever they go.  They often are on foot, and usually have nowhere to sit and rest for a moment, to escape from severe weather, or to meet with a case manager and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

In the Community Kitchen’s Day Center, clients can access basic, essential services like bathrooms and showers, telephones, mail, washers and dryers, and more.  They can also use the facility to simply sit down and get a moment’s rest.  In its most basic form, the day center serves to provide a safe, educational space for homeless men, women, and children to escape inclement weather, rest for a few minutes or use the restroom during the day.  But the day center is actually much more complex.

Case managers are onsite throughout the facility, offering initial outreach and assessment as well as engagement in educational and self-sufficiency programming.  In addition, outside agencies such as Veterans Affairs, Social Security, the Department of Human Services, Chattanooga Cares, and many more offer their services under our roof.  By offering our own services, as well as those of partner agencies, all under one roof in an accessible area, we are able to deliver services efficiently as we break down barriers to success.

Day Center services include: Restrooms and Showers, Telephones (to make and receive calls), Mail (to receive correspondence and get identification), Computer Access, Sitting Area, Lockers, Washers/Dryers, Hygiene Items, Foot care, Educational Resources and Programming (including artistic and musical programs), Case Management (including outside agency collaboration), meditation space, and much more.