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The Operations Department ensures that all programs operate efficiently and that all building and grounds maintenance tasks are current.  All construction and maintenance projects are overseen by Operations.

Jobs may vary depending upon needs. Groups and Individuals alike can be utilized.
Typical projects include:
Landscaping: planting flowers, mowing, edging, trimming bushes, etc.
Cosmetic: painting and caulking
Mechanical: electrical, plumbing, heating and air
maintenance, building repairs

Volunteers are needed to clean kitchen equipment, refrigerators, walls, and floors.
Skilled volunteers are needed for repairs to equipment, plumbing and electrical systems.

Contact Tim Wood via email ( or at 423-756-4222 to see what projects are needed.

Tim will provide a list of projects for the group to choose.  Each project will have a list of supplies/materials.  When a group chooses a project, that group will be responsible for all project funding and/or supplies.

Groups must have a team leader.  Groups may choose more than one project, but no more that 16-17 people should be assigned to a project.

Once a project is chosen, Tim will schedule a tour for the team leader and volunteers.

Once started, projects should be completed within two weeks.

Food Service
The Community Kitchen serves 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Meals are open to everyone.  No questions asked.


Please note kitchen staff prepare all meals and are present to direct volunteers.
Breakfast:  Up to 3 people needed from 6:30AM – 8:00AM.
Lunch: 3 to 6 people needed between 9:30AM to 11:45AM.
Dinner (Weekdays Only): 2 people needed from 3:00PM to 5PM.

Individuals and Groups are needed to serve.  Typical tasks include:

Rolling silverware
Serving food on trays or into bowls
Preparing Drinks
Setting up chairs for a meal
Wiping tables and stacking chairs after a meal
Handing out bread
Making sandwiches
Groups and Individuals are needed to sort cans
Sort and organize dry goods from canned goods in donation room, pantry and shelves
Sort out all bad, dented, outdated or rusted cans
Individuals and Groups are needed to organize freezers and coolers


MUST wear appropriate attire, including closed-toed, flat shoes and long pants. Kitchen volunteers must be over 16 years old to work in food preparation or serving. Those who are 16-18 may come in small groups with one adult per 5 young people to volunteer in non-food preparation activities (sorting, cleaning, etc.).  People younger than 16 can best help us by having off site drives to collect food, clothing, recycle, hygiene products, and monetary donations to name a few.